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Dealing with the recency bias in the Forex market

There are many concepts in Forex that are often unexplored. Most of the people are busy with the trends, volatility, movement of the price and the information that affects the trends. The way to achieve success is not easy because the mind tries to play the game with us. One of the game is recency bias. It is the phenomena that explain how recent events can affect behaviors. As the trading is not consistent, investors have to undergo through a journey of random wins and losses where it is common to get lose the fund. As a result, they will stop acting rationally and are influenced by the recent experience.

This is the recency bias, the phenomenon that can either make us a winner or lose the money. Not many professionals have focused on human psychology. It is important to understand all the plan derives from the mind. If we fail to control the mindset and get affected by experiences, it may not be possible to get the desired result. Every trade is different from the previous one and as long it has been not realized, this phenomenon will keep on affecting the performance. We will talk about it and …

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What Features Make for an Excellent Online Student?

There are a lot of students select to earn their level online, but not 100% of these web-based students are successfully completing their level program. Although the internet education and learning are a popular option among the students, not a lot of students suit the training and learning style in online setting. Therefore, you must evaluate yourself on whether you will be an excellent online student before you select the internet education and learning as your option. Among the important aspects that make an excellent online student are:

1. Excellent published interaction skills

In online learning atmosphere, most communications will be done in published structure. Although many online level programs have integrated classes in video structure, most of learning components and projects are still in digital downloadable structure, which you need to read and understand them through reading and writing. Therefore, you should have good published interaction abilities to succeed as an individual.

2. Relaxed with web navigation

In online learning atmosphere, you must find the projects and course components online learning program, as well as be able to participle and post to discussion forums using the internet learning program. So, you should be comfortable to navigate online learning program, …

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